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Use the buttons below to find more information on the discipline of your choice.

The following are general questions regarding Redmond Rod & Gun Club (RRandGC).

Where is Redmond Rod & Gun Club (RRandGC) located?

The Redmond Rod & Gun Club is located in Deschutes County between Redmond and Bend on Highway 97 (approximately 4 miles south of Redmond, Oregon on Highway 97).  For complete directions click here.

Is RRandGC open to the public?

Yes, RRandGC is open to the public.  Non-members are subject to discipline daily range access fees which are charged by each discipline used during a single day.  There are additional discipline fees.   Members do not pay daily range access fees but do pay applicable discipline fees.  For hours and fees, click here.

Is RRandGC a non-profit?

Yes.  We are a public Non-Profit 501(c)4 shooting facility and run by volunteers.

Is a reservation required?  Does the Club take reservations?

No - in general, the club does not take reservations.  The exception is for pre-arranged group shoots - they will have a scheduled time.

Does the club rent or furnish firearms?

NO.  Firearms are NOT available for rent or purchase at the Club.

Does the club sell ammo?

Check with discipline.

What are the club's fees and hours?

Please click here for Hours / Fees.

Does RRandGC have space for rent, including group sales and private events?

Yes.  Check with discipline.  For Sporting Clays & 5-Stand, please see our Group Sales page for more information.

Where can I find the RRandGC Rules?

The Club Rules are meant to ensure the safety of all users of our facilities. Please click here to see the full details of our RRandGC Rules and Regulations.

Why can't I use targets with the faces of people on them?

We are a family-friendly club and do not encourage acts which reflect harm to a person or expression of political views.

Why do I have to wear hearing and eye protection?

The range rules specify that hearing and eye protection are required to protect yourself from physical harm.  Safety first!

Can a Range Safety Officer (RSO) tell a shooter to leave for unsafe actions regarding firearms?

If a shooter is being unsafe within the facility, or not following the Club Rules, the Range Safety Officer (RSO) on duty is authorized to ask any shooter or visitor to leave. Failure to follow RSO requests can result in being prohibited from the Club and may require assistance by law enforcement.

Where can I find the RRandGC Bylaws or Range Rules?

For a complete list of the RRandGC Club Documents, click here.

Do I have to personally supervise my children (under-18) if a Range Safety Officer (RSO) is on duty?

YES. If you bring a minor to the club, you must supervise them at all times.  On the Pistol/Rifle ranges, the RSO is there to supervise the entire range and maintain safety for all shooters not just for any one/single shooter.  RSO's are not firearms instructors.

Can I borrow any of the information on the site for personal use?

No.  We ask that you request permission prior to using any information found on the RRandGC website.  Please contact our Marketing Director, Brad Cohen via email at regarding use of imagery, content, etc.

Do you need volunteers and how do I sign up?

For more information on volunteering, please click here.

Who do I talk to about sponsorships, donations or marketing opportunities?

Please contact our Marketing Director, Brad Cohen via email at regarding all of the ways to support the club.

Do you offer instruction?

Yes. For a list of programs and certified instructors, please click here.

Do you provide gunsmithing services?

While we do not endorse any one in particular -- here is a listing of local gunsmithing businesses in Central Oregon:


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