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Action Pistol


Dan Carter - R / P Director

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The Action Pistol Range provides the Central Oregon shooting community a safe and convenient venue for those who want to work from the holster, engage multiple targets, and move while shooting.  We have Action Pistol qualified Range Safety Officers on duty to run the range and answer procedural questions depending on your current level of experience.

What Equipment is Needed to Get Started in Action Pistol Shooting?

-  A sturdy belt which is capable of securely holding the shooter's holster, handgun, ammunition carriers and ammunition.
-  A belt-mounted strong-side holster which completely covers the trigger guard and trigger of the firearm and will securely hold the firearm during movement.
-  At least three magazines for the shooter's semi-automatic firearm, or two speed loaders for the shooter's revolver.
-  A double magazine pouch or speed loader carrier which will securely hold the shooter's spare ammunition devices during movement.
-  A reliable centerfire handgun (semi-automatic or revolver) in a caliber of 9 mm or larger.  .22 LR handguns may be used if they can be carried in a holster.  No magnum handguns permitted.

Home Defense Shotgun is also an Action Pistol Range activity. Shotgun participants have a separate orientation and shooting assessment.
-  We show you how to set up your shotgun for home defense.
-  Carrying the shotgun
-  Loading correctly
-  Stable stance and acquiring the target


General Information About the Action Pistol Range


The RR&GC Action Pistol Practice Range may be used only when a Range Safety Officer (RSO) is present to oversee the operation.  RSOs will set up both paper silhouette and steel targets for the shooting sessions.

In order to qualify to use the Action Pistol Range, a shooter must participate in a range orientation and pistol shooting assessment.

Home Defense Shotgun is also an Action Pistol Range activity. Shotgun participants have a separate orientation and shooting assessment.  We can also help you set up your shotgun so it is useful for home defense.

The rules governing the operation of the RR&GC Action Pistol Range, which include a detailed description of the Shooting Assessment procedure and requirements, are posted on the RR&GC website. All shooters must be familiar with those rules before coming to the range.



The currently applicable RR&GC Rifle/Pistol range fee (based upon the shooter's RR&GC member/non-member status) will be charged.  In addition, each shooter will be assessed a $5.00 Action Pistol use fee.


Hours of Operation

RR&GC will operate the Action Pistol Range on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  It is recommended that you come to the range early as we may start taking down shooting stages as early as noon if there are no shooters using them.  RSOs for the RR&GC rifle and pistol venues (including the Action Pistol Practice Range) are all volunteers.  One limiting factor on the hours of operation of these shooting venues is the availability of volunteer RSOs.  With that in mind, shooters are encouraged to consider joining both RR&GC and its RSO program.  Expanding the club's membership improves the club.  Expanding its RSO team makes it possible to expand the hours of operation of the rifle and pistol venues, thereby benefitting the entire Central Oregon shooting community.

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Redmond Rod & Gun Club (RRGC) Action Pistol Range

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