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Rifle / Pistol FAQs

Why is use of a chamber flag required?

When a cease fire is called, the firearm should be made safe and secure, meaning all rounds are removed, the action is open and the chamber flag inserted into the bore.  The flag is a visual signal to all shooters and the RSO that the firearm is safe and secure.


Why can't I handle my firearms while the range is "cold" as it is empty and the chamber flag is in it?

We do not want shooters handling firearms while the range is cold and people are possibly down-range. Safety first!

Why can't I bring my own steel targets?

This is an insurance and safety matter for the club. We have no way of verifying the quality of non-club targets.

Why can't I use targets that have faces of people in the news on them?

We are a family oriented club.

Can the RSO tell a shooter to leave due to unsafe actions regarding firearms?

Yes, the RSO can ask shooters to leave the premises as all rules must be followed.

Do I have to personally supervise my children under the age of 18 when an RSO is on duty?

Yes, the adult bringing the children is responsible. The RSO is to supervise the entire range.

Why do I have to wear hearing and eye protection?

A prime safety consideration. Hearing and eye protection are REQUIRED beyond particular points.


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