'Central Oregon's Public Range'


You are about to enter the gateway to a public Non-Profit 501(c)4 shooting facility in Central Oregon.  For those of you who shoot regularly and would like to embrace the camaraderie of like minded shooting sports enthusiasts, we offer family memberships at reasonable prices.

Safety is our number one priority on all our ranges.  Our ranges are controlled by Range Safety Officers.  If we're open, there is an RSO on duty. These knowledgeable individuals' primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of all our shooters.  Additionally, they will be glad to answer questions or share their knowledge when asked.

We currently offer Archery, Rifle & Pistol, Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, Trap and Cowboy Action shooting. 

Archery.  Our archery range is co-located with the Sporting Clay and 5-Stand ranges consisting of 5 different stations, each having 2 shooting positions and 3 to 6 targets ranging from 10 to 100 yards away.  All targets are bags (21) all the time or 3D(4) the first weekend of the month.   No broad heads allowed.

Rifle Range.  Our current rifle range is limited to 100 yards, with intermediate target points at 25 and 50 yards. Our firing points are covered with concrete benches to keep you steady while sighting in your favorite rifle.  A 300 yard range is on the drawing board pending funding.

Pistol Range.  The Pistol firing line is also covered with a maximum target distance of 25 yards.  Paper target holders are available and can be placed at self defence yardages.  Additionally, we have a steel target section for those who need that instant feedback of a "HIT".

Action Pistol.  Competitive handgunners, Concealed Handgun License holders and handgun shooters who want to expand their experience beyond the "square range" can access our Action Pistol range where one can work from the holster, engage in rapid fire, engage multiple targets and move while shooting.  Cardboard silhouette and steel targets are available.

Trap.  We have three state-of-the-art trap fields with concrete pads and PAT traps in the houses.  

Sporting Clays/5 Stand.  You choose how many targets to shoot each day using our Long Range electronic countdown cards payable by cash, check or credit card.  Whether you are a beginner or a confident shooter, you will find a variety of targets to keep you coming back and we offer certified instruction.  Come walk through "Twisted Tree" an incredible 16 station course with over 40 throwers all in a natural setting.  Enjoy 5 stand with 8 throwers or practice at our training site with yet another four machines.

Cowboy Action ShootingThe Old 97 Railroad Rangers are shootin' up a storm.  Come out to watch or join the fun.  For additional information, see the web page.

We have the shooting sports covered in Central Oregon and being a Non-Profit we depend greatly upon volunteers to make this happen! See you at the Club!


During this year 2020,  RR&GC has transitioned to all memberships coming due on January 1st of each year.    Only ONE  membership is now available called ANNUAL FAMILY MEMBERSHIP and the cost is $125.00.  Range fees will apply at each Discipline.  The Range fees are used for range maintenance, continued improvements and growth.

An ANNUAL FAMILY MEMBERSHIP  consists of two spouses in the same household  and children through the age of 17 years.  18 and older are considered to have a membership of their own.  

NEW MEMBERSHIP CARDS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE AND AT EACH DISCIPLINE BEGINNING  DECEMBER 1st, 2020.  Will be in effect starting December 1, 2020 and expire December 31st, 2021.


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