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Patrick Combs

Deschutes Firearm Training

RRandGC Instructor Patrick Combs_edited.jpg


Patrick is an NRA certified CCW and Basic Pistol Instructor, as well as a competitive USPSA pistol shooter and a Chief Range Safety Officer.  Small class sizes of 1-6 people enable the time to be spent with each student to achieve the goals of safety, proficiency, confidence, and how to clean and maintain your firearm.  Both classes are open to anyone of any skill level, and includes book to use in the classroom portion which is yours to keep and reference, as well as live-fire range training time. 


Deschutes Firearms Training also utilizes technology including laser cartridges and the Mantis X10 Elite Shooting Performance System.  Students will have the opportunity to fire multiple pistols in different calibers.  Personal hourly instruction is available as well. 


Contact: For more information please contact Patrick at 707-326-6225, via email or visit his website at

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