Welcome to Sporting Clays and 5 Stand!

Our discipline offers Sporting Clays, Five Stand, a Patterning Station and Certified Instruction all successfully run by volunteers. The facility is group300purposely designed for novice and expert levels of shooters whether it is one shooter or a group. We recently added a wireless card reader system allowing for accurate target counts and time delay for the single shooter.

Lodge Area: You will be greeted by a knowledgeable member to assist with your shooting needs for the day. Bring your shotgun, hearing and eye protection and shells 7.5 and smaller target loads only.

Sporting Clays:   Follow the signs to the Sporting Clays range. Our Sporting Clay course includes 10-14 stations, depending on the day of shooting, with targets appearing from 20+ different presentations. A great simulation of rabbits, waterfowl and upland birds that will offer the novice success and the veteran shooting a challenge.

Five Stand: 5 Stations with multiple machines provides a fun shooting area where you can observeclays400 multiple birds sportingclayresizefrom one location. It is a type of shotgun sport combining sporting clays, trap and skeet. Shooters shoot in turn at the various combinations of clay birds.

ATV: Designated parking for ATV trailers for those that choose to ride through our pathways.

We welcome you to Sporting Clays and hope that you will join our adventure. Bring a friend or join in with a group. Visit our blog for additional information.

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2019 Wrap Up: A Message from the Director

by David

What an amazing year.  The last 12 months have been a series of challenges, opportunities and good fortune for the sporting clays discipline at Redmond Rod and Gun Club.  We took a solid foundation and transformed it into a fabulous shooting venue thanks to the commitment of volunteers and generous donors.Have you noticed how we’ve grown?

  • Twelve stations now where there were only five!  We had fourteen stations open for our first National Sporting Clays Association registered tournament when, in an early fall snowstorm, we had 34 participants on the first day and a returning 29 hardy souls for more chilly fun on the second.
  • A long-desired Long Range electronic card reader system is installed in each of those stations, controlling 26 machines, up from ten.
  • Dozens of batteries, solar chargers, and covers were purchased for the machines. Previously, every shooting day, even in snowstorms, volunteers were required to disarm and cover every machine plus swap out batteries and lug them all the way to the barn to be charged.
  • The lodge was finished with solar power, a TV, and a wraparound deck.  A disabled parking space was paved, the parking lot increased in size and covered with cinder, and steel gates installed.
  • For better storage capacity, we added a second Conex for specialty targets and more equipment. 
  • Our maintenance guys who work year-around on the target machines are benefitting from the recently installed and outfitted 12’ x 20’ maintenance building.
  • The 5-Stand area is cleared for better sightlines, equipped with 7 machines, and available as a training site. 
  • Volunteers setting the course, maintaining and loading machines, cleaning the course, or completing projects now have three gators for use.
  • And, of course, this blog which we hope you find useful for staying up to date on the activities and opportunities at Sporting Clays.

All in all, over $50,000 of improvements were generated through grants, from generous donors, and the labors of an incredible group of volunteers.  Look for another post where I’ll outline our exciting goals for 2020. 

See you out there.
David Gilbertson

Volunteer Info & Tracking