Welcome to Redmond Rod & Gun Club's Rifle/Pistol Range!

Rifle Range~Our current rifle range is limited to 100 yards, with intermediate target points at 25 and 50 yards.  Our firing points are covered with concrete benches to keep you steady while sighting in your favorite rifle.  

Pistol Range~The Pistol firing line is also covered with a maximum target distance of 25 yards.  Paper target holders are available and can be placed at self defense yardages.  Additionally, we have a steel target section for those who need that instant feedback of a 'HIT".

Action Pistol~Competitive handgunners, Concealed Handgun License holders and handgun shooters who want to expand their experience beyond the "square range" can access our Action Pistol range where one can work from the holster, engage in rapid fire, engage multiple targets and move while shooting.  Cardboard silhouette and steel targets are available.

New Shooters~We welcome and encourage those new to shooting to come to our rifle or pistol range for your first live-fire experience. The Range Safety Officer can help you set up your gear and firearm safely and will clearly let you know when it is safe to shoot or set your target downrange. We encourage you to watch this entertaining and instructive video before your first range visit.  video link bttonThank you to Nosler for producing a professional video, and to Redmond Rod & Gun Club for hosting.

Our Range Safety Officers are provided to maintain a safe, clean and professional shooting facility.  Members and non-members who use or are planning on using the Rifle & Pistol range are encouraged to review our Rifle and Pistol Range Policy and General Gun Safety and General Range Rules.  If you have any questions or concerns with any of the content, please contact anyone on the Executive Board for assistance.

Discipline Director
Dan Carter